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Bob's Story:

On march 16 of 2016 I was electrocuted off a 14ft ladder and was put through the gambit of surgeries, physical therapy, cortisone shots, trigger point injections, pain pills, muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory and many other forms of therapy. As a result of all these pills and shots, I was diagnosed with diverticulitis and instead of just taking another pill to fix the other pills I decided enough was enough. I wanted to change my entire regime and life to a more natural and holistic rather than the BIG PHARMA lifestyle. So I starting cold turkey got off any unnecessary medications I was on, removed everything unnatural out of my life and began eating a completely plant based diet and started juicing.  The results were incredible.. I lost the 60lbs that I had gained after my surgery (from recovery), felt truly the best I’ve felt health wise in a long time but was still in a serious amount of pain. At this time I was living in Seattle where marijuana and CBD had just became legal. I decided to visit a dispensary and began learning about CBD and my endocannabinoid system. The owner of the dispensary educated me on how CBD could begin helping with pain and inflammation. He recommended a 20mg THC to 40mg CBD or 1:2 ratio capsule ,which was all they offered with CBD in it at the time. I didn’t hesitate for a second! Almost an hour in and my pain had  drastically decreased! Eureka!!!  Or so I thought... following that was a whirlwind of of the psychoactive traits caused by the THC so I discontinued taking them. I was  now lost with nowhere to go! A couple months later I moved in a renter that was somewhat of a CBD and holistic guru. He had something I had not seen before, pure CBD Isolate. He let me try a capsule and within 30 minutes My pain was almost completely gone. I had found my saving grace. 

3 years later & I’m still in immense pain at times but I use CBD and juice to balance my life between health and wellness and complete debilitation. After all my experiences through these 3 years I also traveled for a year around different parts of the world and saw that there were more important things in life than just money and success. I wanted to truly help people and make a real difference in people’s lives so I decided to create a company that is completely based around just that! A plant based lifestyle with the option to infuse almost anything with CBD and created New Life Juice & Wellness to start my new life and journey to help as many people the way I helped myself through those hellacious 3 years. 

Our Philosophy

We are striving to create a healthier lifestyle with our juices, smoothies and bowls.

Meet the Team

These are the people who are making the New Life Juice and Wellness happen!  Please feel free to email and speak with our owners and management!

Bob Worley

Co-Founder & CEO

Bio coming soon!

Tina Whitney

Co - Founder

Tina Whitney is a Washington native with a profound love for health, fitness and overall nutrition. Tina has a decade of experience in creating nutritious and healthy food options, so joining Bob in this business venture only felt natural to her. She is  inspired to hear the results people are having from consuming our products and truly believes many health issues can be healed through proper diet changes. Tina can be reached at

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Joel Preston

Operations Manager

Joel has been working in the food service and marijuana industry for the last 16 years.  Joel is an Arizona native and graduated from the University of Arizona. Joel can be reached at